Forward Medical GP Clinic now offers iron infusion as a service to all patients provided by our experienced team of doctors and nurses. Please note if you are not a current patient and have already discussed iron treatment with your usual GP, you will still need to book an initial appointment with one of our doctors. During this consultation, we will provide you with the iron infusion treatment if it is deemed necessary, otherwise a separate appointment will need to be booked. Please advise our staff when booking, and our nurse will prepare for your treatment.


For the initial consultation with the doctor, there will be a gap fee of $30 to $55. The upfront fee varies depending on how long you spend with the doctor (and any note taking completed once you have left the treatment room).

A gap fee of $150.00 for the infusion will be charged, none of which is covered by Medicare. This fee does not include the cost of the iron, which patients will need to purchase from a pharmacy.


Iron Infusions require a 20 minute initial consult with the doctor followed by a 20 minute procedure appointment with the same doctor. The attending doctor will ask for your consent, then the iron infusion will be administered by our practice nurse under the doctor's supervision. After administration, our nurse will continue observations for at least 15 minutes. A follow up appointment with a doctor and blood test is required to assess the effectiveness of treatment.