What is Implanon?

Implanon is a contraceptive implant, a small flexible plastic rod, which is inserted under the skin in the inside upper arm. A minor procedure is performed requiring local anaesthetic, a small incision is made where the Implanon is then placed. Small amounts of the hormone progestogen are constantly released into the body, preventing pregnancy by stopping the egg being released by the ovary, a process known as ovulation. The hormone also makes mucus at the cervix thicker, preventing sperm from entering the uterus. The implant can remain in place for three years, and is more than 99.9% effective for users.

Who can use Implanon?

  • Implanon is suitable for most women, both young and approaching menopause, who are looking for an effective, long acting contraceptive method.
  • Breastfeeding women can safely use it.

Who should NOT use Implanon?

  • Any women with undiagnosed abnormal bleeding from the vagina. Our doctor will conduct further investigations in this case.
  • Anyone with a history of breast cancer.
  • Women taking certain medications which may prevent the Implanon from working effectively.

For more information about the Implanon, and to make sure it is the right choice for you, please talk to our doctor during your appointment. To see a fee schedule, visit our Patient Information page.

When booking and appointment, please advise us if you are planning on having an Implanon inserted, as you will need a longer consultation.